Competences & Services


  • Well-established and growing in the market
  • In-depth understanding of the market and good penetration into a variety of key emerging accounts
  • Experienced sales and technical support force with a low turn-over rate and proven "design in" and customer support capabilities
  • Well-managed relationships with key people in the market
  • Strong line cards and account control ability with maximum leverage and customer exposure
  • Ability to establish and maintain fast, accurate, and straightforward communications


Uniquest provides a comprehensive range of services, information tools and processes that help our customers achieve their goals. Through the integration of electronic component design and the expertise in organizational inventory management, design decisions are simpler and result in quicker time-to-market.

"Design Platform"

Design platforms help customers to reduce design costs and development schedules helping to improve productivity and profitability in increasingly competitive markets. Uniquest has developed a broad range of design platforms including Altera Stratix, Altera Nios, silicon Laboratories ISo modem, IDT RISC CPU, and more.

"Turnkey Design"

Uniquest provides turnkey design services that are ideal for companies who are designing new products or developing new technologies but have time constraints and/or limited resources. Uniquest’s R&D team develops tailored solutions to meet each customer’s unique needs from design conception to the easy production of desirable products. Uniquest employees work hard to simplify the complexities of the overall process from beginning to end.

"Module Products"

Market trends now require more complicated products such as set top boxes with DVD, PVR, VoIP, and home gateway. To meet these challenges, Uniquest R&D develops ISO modems, SLIC modules, and other such products that can easily connect into those systems. Uniquest continuously designs new module products to meet the market demand.

"Joint Development"

Uniquest prides itself on its knowledge of field demands and strict requirements that lead to more effectively developed design platforms and we know that strategic partners can benefit from our expertise. Uniquest represents RTOS software development products like ISO modems, SLIC modules, and other module products that can easily connect into those systems. Uniquest continuously designs new and improved module products to meet the market demand.

"R&D Capabilities"

Covering a wide range of electronic technology, Uniquest R&D has the skill, talent, and expertise to design products and support customers now and into the future. Uniquest’s R&D team is composed of design engineers who have an average of 10 years of development and field support experience. Their abilities include an adept knowledge and understanding of network systems, RF, home appliances, and software development, among many others.

"Hub Operation"

Uniquest provides world-class inventory management and services through the Hub operation system. With the analysis of past purchase histories issued by customers, combined with the aggregate of the expected purchase amount, Uniquest stores the accurate quantity of buffer inventory at the Hub warehouses. Customers can be confident that the products and parts they need are always ready to ship.

Customer Service

For effective and efficient customer service, we respond promptly to customers’ demands and provide the best service with our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system.

Technical Support

We give the best technical support based on analyzing system performances, monitoring and tuning solution tools to make sure systems operate in the most effective way.

Training Service

We provide the best technical training services to customers who wish to learn and understand the full functionality of new products. At our education center, not only do we specialize in the instruction of new products but also keep it a priority to stay updated with news and trends of the market in order to best assist those who want to achieve a "win-win" strategy.

Consulting Service

Our teams provide the best technical knowledge and business strategies for customers who want to take on new projects by staying well-informed on the progresses in the market. With many years of experience and expertise in the field, we analyze customers’ systems and diagnose applicable solutions to help customers make the best use of their resources.